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ADICO (HONGKONG ADICO TECHNOLGY CO.,LIMITED) is a performance network at the forefront of the mobile marketing industry. Our advanced technology, seasoned specialists, and varied customized solutions exemplify our commitment to our clients worldwide. We are committed to giving the best user performance for advertisers and boosting monetization for publishers.

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ADICO has established global partnership with outstanding industry giants such as Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Twitter, etc. Our fully self-serviced platform based on big data and Business Intelligence allows for quick solutions and strategies and the exclusive offers cater to every preference including E-commerce, utilities, games and subscriptions. With fully self-served automatic platform supporting CPA/CPI model, ADICO offers advertisers and publishers better control and transparency over their mobile marketing. While striving for the balance of user experience and greater revenue, we always put you in the driver's seat.

Our achievements

Companies 100+

DAU 600M


Parter 95+

Products 800+